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A safe planet and a fairer society is possible; we just need politicians who listen.

That’s why we’re painting the streets in powerful posters and starting conversations at door-steps and market stalls with flyers to shine a spotlight on key issues this election.

Together, we’ll put candidates on notice: voters expect real commitments and real solutions.

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Simple action, big impact

Each poster and flyer highlights a QR code and webpage where people can read more about the issue and pledge to vote for candidates who commit to taking action on it.

GetUp can then send pledgers a How to Vote card on the issue closer to Election Day, to make sure they have all the information they need to make a difference.

Go one better

Research shows that face to face conversations are the most effective way to persuade someone to vote for the best candidate on an issue.

Use the flyers to start conversations and collect pledges at a market stall, your office or university, or with friends and family.

Check out the training page for an upcoming ‘How to have a persuasive conversation’ training to learn and practice, and make sure you follow COVID19 safety guidelines and rules for your state.