We Make the Future

GetUp Federal Election 2022

From the bushfires to the pandemic, the Morrison Government has let people down and left people behind.

But in the absence of leadership, everyday people have rolled up their sleeves and stepped up to protect their communities.

This federal election, we’re putting people back into politics.

We want an Australian parliament that represents all of us - one committed to real solutions to the issues affecting our communities, like health care, cultural heritage and climate justice.

To do it,
we’ll need your help.

We’re uniting for a massive Week of Conversations from April 4 - April 10.

Together, we’ll talk with our friends, neighbours and communities, asking people to pledge to use their vote for candidates who’ll act on the issues that matter.

Whether you want to host a group conversation with friends over a cup of tea, or collect pledges with posters and flyers on the street, every conversation counts.

With enough pledges from voters in our communities, we can put a spotlight on our issues, pressure candidates to commit to real action before, and come polling day - elect politicians who better represent us.